Make Way For Ducklings Interactive Map
The map above follows the journey of the Mallard Family in the classic Make Way For Ducklings by Robert McCloskey, complete with photos and heavily abridged text. Use it as a companion to the classic book or relive a story you love. It would also go great with one of a variety of lesson plans based on the book.

Using the Map/Key
The blue lines represent the routes the Mallards take when flying, the orange lines are for walking and swimming, and the purple numbers are sites and stuff. The story starts with blue line coming from the bottom of the map. Click on it to start your journey and continue by following the lines between the numbered locations. You can also view the map using the Google Maps interface, which has a fancy item selector you may like better.

I couldn't find any CC-licensed photos of Mt. Vernon St. or Charles St. along the route the Mallards took back to the Public Gardens. If you have or know of any good photos I could use to illustrate this or any other part of the story, please let me know.

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About and Copyright
My name is Ben. I loved this book as a kid and I thought this map would be a fun (and, more importantly, feasible with my technical abilities) project. It's something I plan on sharing with my daughter when she's old enough.

The book Make Way For Ducklings was first published in 1941 by The Viking Press. The copyright was renewed by the author in 1969. I do not believe that my use of the work in this project infringes on this copyright (any attorneys out there care to comment?).

The photos used in the map are used under Creative Commons licenses as stated along with each photo and I'd like to thank these photographers for making their work available. The Google elements in the map and the map itself are copyrighted and trademarked by Google and its providers (there's a handy Terms of Service document for the masochists out there).

Everything else (basically, the text and the purple number icons on the map) is copyright me, Benjamin Schwartz. You're welcome to use it under a Creative Commons Share-Alike License.

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