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Created: May 30, 2015

Turning this:
Mouse hole before
Into this:
Mouse hole after

As a kid I loved finding a little out-of-the-way corner where I could read undisturbed for a while and I wanted to give my kids an awesome place to do the same. In there room is a small area with a window, shown above, that was perfect.

The platform is a sturdy square frame made out of 2x4s, attached to the studs in the wall, and topped with a thick piece of plywood. It is finished with some carpet and accessed by a little ladder I built (also screwed into a stud for sturdiness). The kids love to sit up here and look out the window.

The mouse hole is made of drywall, doubled-up for sturdiness and attached to the frame at the top and some pieces of wood near the bottom. It is blended into the existing wall almost perfectly (the molding along the bottom doesn't quite match becuase it's installed over the carpet… yes it's going to be a huge pain when we get new carpets). The kids love to sit in here and read or nap, though there's no air circulation so it gets pretty hot.

We already had plans to paint the entire room, which was pretty convenient, however we didn't paint the inside of the mouse hole, which gives it a neat unfinished look.

The lighting is a color-changing LED strip, with the remote secured to the wall via hook-and-loop fastener so it's removable but easy-to-find (it normally doesn't get removed, though, since the receiver is inside of the hole it doesn't work to well outside of it).

Mouse hole outside
Mouse hole inside

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