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I've generated a lot of stuff as a college student. Much of it is junk, some of it is not. Here's the best stuff, maybe it'll come in handy for someone.
Note: All files in MS Word format unless otherwise noted.

Art History

Creative Writing
Space Science Education


Intro to Anthro... Not one of my favorite courses, but kinda interesting.

Fieldwork Assignment 1, September 2006 -- I observed proxemics at Starbucks for the first of several fieldwork assignments.

Fieldwork Assignment 2, September 2006 -- Transcript of a bit of my family's conversation, you can see how nuts they are.

Man-Eating Monsters?, November 2006 -- Cannibals or something.

Fieldwork Proposal, November 2006 -- I propose studying the online community in Senior League Hockey, an online game I was into for a while. Don't remember if I actually ever did it, but the proposal's kinda funny.

Review of �Paradise with Side Effects�, December 2006 -- My review of a movie, apparently. I don't even remember this assignment.


Art History
The hands-down worst class I have ever taken. At least I learned about strong diagonals (inside joke, haha!). The highlight of the class was Damien Hirst's The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, followed closely by the course evaluation sheet (mine was scathing).

Formal Analysis of Rembrandt�s Self-Portrait, Aged 23, February 2006 -- The first paper I wrote for this class.

A Formal Analysis of Turner�s Slave Ship, April 2006 -- I'm not much for art, but I actually appreciate this piece and enjoyed (kinda) writing this paper.


Creative Writing
Kate Wheeler taught this course and I really enjoyed it.

Chapter Three Exercise, January 2006 -- Different ways to start a story about a manned space flight disaster.

Exercise Fourteen, March 2006 -- An assignment about a fictional person.

Exercise One-Oh-Nine, March 2006 -- A Creative Writing assignment, entirely fictional.

Exercise Eighty Four, April 2006 -- How I would tell different people about something (in this case, my scurvy).

Journal of a Horny Lonely College Student, April 2006 -- Final assignment for the class, I enjoyed it quite a bit.


Space Science Education
In Fall 2005, I took two classes which were very complimentary. In Space Science Education (SSE) taught by William Waller, we learned strategies for teaching people of all ages about space. In Science Elementary Education Partners (SEEP) taught by Ronnie Yashon, I volunteered in a fourth and a fifth grade class in a Somerville, MA elementary school.

Correcting Space Science Errors in Popular Culture, November 2005 -- An assignment for SSE dealing with science errors and misconceptions in movies and television.

SEEP Journal, November 2005 -- Here is a journal my SEEP experience which includes details about some of the lessons and how the kids responded.

SSE Journal, December 2005 -- A journal I kept for SEE. Some interesting stuff including observation of the Sun throughout the season.

If the Sun Were a Grapefruit, December 2005 -- This is my take on a common method for showing kids the scale of the Solar System. I did this with a fifth grade class, we got as far a Jupiter before we were too far away from the school, but they enjoyed it and got the point. I used this for both SSE and SEEP.

Moon Phases, December 2005 -- A lesson plan to teach kids about the phases of the Moon. Another great SEEP/SSE mashup.

Teaching About Space, December 2005 -- A collection of lesson plans which I used to teach the fourth and fifth graders about space.

Electricty Homework, January 2006 -- Homework assignment I gave to the fourth grade class I was volunteering in.


The Role of Imitation in Infants, April 2006 -- A paper I wrote for my introductory psychology class.

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